5 Hidden Reasons Why You Fail While Using Email Marketing Technique

In a layman language, when we use the platform of e-mail to send a commercial message to a group of people then the act is referred to as E-mail marketing. The e-mail method is used to build new and restore the relationship with all the new and old customers and serving the purpose to convince them to purchase something immediately. They make use of special and attractive deals to lure the customers and by this they are becoming the most popular marketing strategies.

But gone are the days when fooling your audience was too easy for a task, just by portraying attractive deals. The new day customers are smart and know all the tactics of the fundamentals of marketing in any form. So intimidating the customers by repetitive e-mails just tire them out and finally your e-mails are found their junk email box. This is the end for most of the commercial e-mails. Then generally calls running by in the Indian call centers to unsubscribe the services. Here are some of the common mistakes done during email marketing-

1. Not understanding the crux of your target audience

Very commonly done mistake in e-mail marketing technique is not doing the homework about your customers. Understanding the crux of your audience is as important as sending the e-mail at the first place. A common mistake which these marketers do while sending bulk emails are not doing the proper research with reference to the interests and inclination of your audience. So no matter how good your content or how compelling your deals may be, they will not connect to it. It is of prime importance to give proper attention to each and every segment of your audience. Like for example – you are a marketer of a renowned gym brand, then for your regular customers you can come up with new deals in extending their membership. Whereas to target new customers, the best approach would be to first to introduce them to the benefits of joining a gym and then present your deals afterwards.

Also each and every set age of audience requires different approach and hence should not be constantly hitting up by redundant e-mails.

2. Being cognizant about the bigger picture

Once each and every employee will be clear about the bigger picture then it would be much easier in reaching nearer to our goals. Setting up goals that are insurmountable is a total squandering. It would be better to set such goals that have the potentiality to be achieved in the near future. By this the employees will also be kept in a motivated state constantly and the work will not seem hackneyed.

To achieve the goals, the email marketing should exercise “SMART” goal-setting tactics. According to this SMART technique your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely all at the same time. So be precise and crystal clear with your objectives and only then it would translate in your emails. Like if we talk precisely about email marketing, then just let know your marketers that what is the numerical value of the target audience you are thinking of in a month’s time. By this they will be clear to exactly how to and whom to target.

3. Don’t ever think of underestimating your opponents

Everyone is in this business to earn so everyone is pacing up to match with demands of the market in this rat’s race. Always be aware of the new launchings, campaigns, promotions or any other actions which your competitors might be involved in. In email marketing its very influential to keep an eye to what the tactics or ways that your potential competitors are using and also on what they are missing on. Hence their actions and inactions, both are of prime importance to you. As they might be missing on something very crucial which you can use and implement in your email marketing. This will help you to differentiate your brand from everyone else and giving a distinguishable brand impression. To separate yourself from the fishes of the pool is not the agenda of which we are talking in here. But to stay different inside the pool is what the email marketing demands for.

4. Don’t compromise with the style of your content and stop sounding like a typical sales bot

In the marathon of selling the products through email marketing we most of the times compromise on our personal touch which we start missing out in our content. Just try to keep yourself in place of a reader and then think will you be interested in reading such a content whose sole purpose is to just sell its deal and getaway to the new project. When you will only focus on the monetary values then you will start losing that empathy of your audience.

The best way to impose your product is by relating yourself to a personal story and meanwhile you can slip the benefits and advantages of the product or service for which you are endorsing. People relate themselves to personal stories to the best and in most of the cases find them authentic. One more way which one can adopt in email marketing by asking their subscribers to share their own personal stories or opinions to share on the email only. This initiative will encourage people to interact more through your emails.

5. Ignoring the fundamentals leading to absolute indignation

Sometimes being busy in creating out of the box content for email marketing, we lead ourselves into some serious email faux pas. The fundamental things which we think that we are not going to miss out are the ones that become serious and end you up in dire straits. Things like spelling mistakes which happens mostly with the typos or wrote something more catastrophic that illustrated a very opposite meaning which we intended. Some of these fundamental errors are-

Not used Autocorrect – Sometimes by not using Autocorrect, even by the mistake of a single character can bring up very wrong meanings to words.

Forgot to format after copying something as it is- This is also one of the most frequent mistakes done in email marketing due to which very erroneous characters get to appear in our email.

Tagged the wrong recipients along with the mail- Tagging wrong recipients is a whole new level of carelessness. There have been cases in the past where the company had to go through a lot due to such trivial mistakes.

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