7 Communications apps that help deliver your message in real time

7 Communications apps that help deliver your message in real time

The entire world has been interconnected into a global village with the help of the internet. Due to this, instant messaging anywhere in the world soon became a reality. Today, it’s everywhere. In a time where communicating via wifi and data is more mainstream than calling, emailing or texting, instant messaging apps are vital for our everyday lives. In fact, most smartphones come equipped with these when you buy them.

Such apps are able to effectively exchange text and other multimedia, and support any kind of smartphone, without having any delay. They are insanely popular. Their popularity only serves to fortify the notion of how important real time messaging is.

So if you’re looking to use an app that’s capable of sending and receiving messages instantly,then you are at the right place.  Here are some amazing ones that are more than capable of doing just that.

  1. Whatsapp

Quite possibly the most popular chat app in existence, Whatsapp is the reigning king of the real time messaging game. With 1.5 billion users and about 60 billion messages sent per day, there is no better app for real time messaging than Whatsapp.

There are a bunch of factors that contribute to its colossal success.It is one of the first real time messaging apps to enter the world of smartphones. Consequently, and due to its wide range of functionalities, Whatsapp took the world by storm.

The pros here for any user looking to use Whatsapp are concrete:

  • It’s absolutely free ever since they ditched their subscription fee idea
  • Real time instant messaging
  • Audio and Voice calling, with 55 million voice calls and 100 million video calls made per day
  • End to end encryption of messages
  • Supports 60 languages
  • Whatsapp Web (syncs with any computer, allowing you to chat from a desktop)
  • Available in 180 countries
  • Supports all image, audio and video types
  • Allows you to broadcast messages and make groups
  • Controls privacy, notifications, alerts and security
  • Requires only wifi or data
  • Allows you to post stories as well

Whatsapp has many advantages over other apps. Simply put, it is the most complete real time messaging app that exists.

  1. Viber

Viber is a great chat app in its own right. Also insanely popular due to its convenience and zero cost, Viber has almost a similar standing as Whatsapp.

Users can call, make video calls in HD, and send messages, images, stickers, videos and much more. Moreover, their end to end encryption as well as other security options keep the user protected at all times. You even have the ability to make international calls to anyone, anywhere.

If that’s not all you’ve got, then there are group chats, public chats, news feeds and even Viber games. It’s interesting to see how big of a competition Viber is to a beast like Whatsapp.

  1. Line

Line is another communication app that is very commonly operated by smartphone users everywhere. It’s more popular in Asian countries, particularly Japan and Taiwan.

Line offers a number ofcool features that give it an edge over other apps. You can send messages, multimediaand files, as well as make calls, both video and audio. You can make groups with up to 200 people, and, like other popular apps, it’s free.

With a service that’s capable of rivalling the big guns, it’s clear to see why Line has such a huge user base. If it wasn’t for other established apps like Whatsapp that can already do everything, Line might have been the king.

  1. Facebook Messenger

Facebook is the most used social media platform. In fact, Facebook is the essence of social media. It started it all. It revolutionized how we communicate across the internet. So it’s no surprise that Facebook expanded its range and started its own messenger app.

It’s also no surprise to see just how well the Facebook messenger app is doing ever since its release. With the number of 1.2 billion monthly active users, its only growing. It has most of the features like other good messaging apps, such as chat, voice call, video calls, etc.

An additional convenience is that you can communicate with just about anyone on Facebook. You don’t need to have someone’s contact details beforehand such as for Whatsapp. You can communicate and call just about any of your friends, and even the people that you haven’t added yet. And it’s all free.

  1. Google Hangouts

Google is everywhere. A chat app made by the most notorious tech company in the world is bound to be in this list.

It’s a social media communications app that has especially benefitted businessmen and influencers by making their operations easier. It supports video calling, video conferencing, and webcasting. It has all the basic features you’d expect from a well-developed messaging app.

  1. AirG

AirG is the kind of messenger app that is not only meant for chatting. In fact, it’s a hybrid app that integrates messaging and communication with social media.

It allows users to interact with new people both geographically and according to similar interests. The application encourages making friends online. It also has the possibility of using it as a dating app.

Regardless of the purpose, AirG makes sure to keep its messaging real-time and as smooth as possible. Also, AirG spam blocker functionalities allow you to block certain people and prevent unauthentic accounts from contacting you. For more spam protection, go for their other product, Hookt (android / iphone).

  1. Telegram

One of the newest real time messaging apps out there, telegram is a cloud-based messenger.It seems to right the wrongs of many other messenger apps. Its fresh, it’s smooth, and it’s versatile too.

Telegram even allows you to change the way your app looks by implementing the concept of themes. This makes the app a lot more user-friendly. There are also secret chats and timed messaging in addition to the other basic features you’d expect from a good communications software.

Telegram may not be that big worldwide yet. But its 200 million user-base, mostly in areas of Iran and Uzbekistan, seem to suggest a promising future for the app.


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