Expert Tips on How to Choose the Best Medical Courier Service

Expert Tips on How to Choose the Best Medical Courier Service

The global courier industry is valued at $326 billion, with more than 368,000 businesses in operation.

On-demand delivery services have become popular in many industries, and the medical sector has not been left behind. With medical courier services, customers can now get instant or quick deliveries for their lab and medical products.

The increased demand for courier services has increased the number of medical courier firms. Since all the firms don’t deliver the same service, customers must be picky about the medical courier service provider they hire.

Here are top expert tips on how to select the right medical courier service amidst the crowd.

Check Their Expertise in the Field

Medical service courier providers deal with sensitive products. Such products include blood specimens, drugs, oxygen tanks, testing tools, life-saving equipment, and so on. A simple mistake in handling these products can cause massive losses, in addition to possible deaths.

For this reason, you should only choose experienced medical couriers. Their experience assures you that they will handle different specimens well and not make any mistakes along the way.

Experienced courier providers also know the precautions they should take in handling the medical equipment and what they should do when an accident happens.

Don’t risk the lives of your patients by hiring mediocre medical couriers. Be keen on the portfolio of the available couriers to choose the best. You might find the scrutiny process quite overwhelming, but it should help you get the most experienced medical couriers.

Inquire About Weekend and Night Deliveries

The best medical courier services should provide a 24/7 service. Some patients can have tight working schedules making it impossible for them to visit the clinic during the day. Furthermore, your supplies may get depleted during the day, which means you may need night deliveries.

Some courier firms only offer day service, which is one reason you should confirm the courier’s availability before hiring. It’s worth noting that the 24-hour service medical courier may charge the service’s added cost. So verify the prices first before outsourcing the service.

Ask About the Speed of Delivery

How soon does the courier service deliver? Do they do same-day delivery or they only deliver after some days?

Sometimes, the delivery speed depends on the items you order and how soon you order them. For instance, you may not need a quick delivery for medicines when you have others in stock.

Nevertheless, the best medical courier service provider should offer the exact delivery according to your request. If you need same-day delivery, they should meet the deadline and deliver within that day.

Don’t hesitate to ask about the speed of delivery for the courier services. You can also check reviews regarding the speed of delivery. Avoid a courier whose past clients complain about long delays and missed deadlines.

Check the Pricing

How much does the courier charge? The best medical courier service will be open to you and tell you about the costs before you outsource.

As much as you would like to get your parcels delivered in time, you still wouldn’t want to break a bank in the process. Compare the delivery price quotes of different couriers to get an average estimate amount of what you should pay.

Make sure you understand the pricing well and the extra services that the pricing may include. Again, be keen on hidden costs because some courier firms may charge hidden transportation costs.

Ask About the Tracking Capability

A delivery service cannot be complete if it’s not well tracked. Otherwise, how will you be sure the delivery service is on par with your standards?

The tracking technology helps clients to know the progress of the car transporting their goods. It enhances customer delight, improves business efficiency, and increases transparency in the courier services.

The main features of the tracking system include:

  • The digital proof of delivery
  • The speed of the delivery vehicle
  • Delivery status
  • Reminders and alerts
  • Resting time of the vehicles and so on

While the tracking feature is not mandatory, it can be helpful if transparency is essential to you.

Check License and Insurance

All medical courier firms must have operating licenses. Like in other businesses, the permit shows that the state recognizes that courier firm. All the drivers should be licensed to handle medical supplies and deliver their goods.

The couriers should be insured too. The main types of insurance that you must check include driving insurance and general liability insurance. Should any accident or loss happen during the journey, the courier should offer compensation.

Consider the Customer Service and Attitude Towards Care

As mentioned earlier, the medical sector deals with delicate products and equipment. They can only reach the desired destination only when the couriers handle them well.

There have been horror stories of some courier providers who pack items with less care, break and fail to deliver as per the expectations. Don’t outsource such courier service providers!

Be keen on customer service to get the best service for your money. Observe how they talk to you, explain concepts, and even respond to other peoples’ complaints.

Check the Added Services

Do you need a supplier who can take your medical products from point A to point B without offering additional services? Or would you like more? The answer boils down to your personal preferences.

Even so, couriers who offer added services are always worth considering. The extra services can include warehouse management, packaging, printing, and labeling. Ensure you get all the basics of your services before choosing your ideal medical courier service.

Consider the Appearance

The right medical courier service provider should put effort into creating the first impression. From the cars’ appearance to the drivers and the staff’s looks, the look should be flawless. A neat look creates an impression that the firm is worth trusting and organized in their work.

Invest in the Best Medical Courier Service

Don’t waste your hard-earned money on the wrong courier service providers. Follow the above tips on choosing a medical courier service to get the best supplier for your needs. You might get recommendations from friends and family to narrow down your choices.

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