How to troubleshoot HP Fax Error Code 346

HP Inc. is a famous company which offers a wide range of computer hardware and other range of peripheral devices. HP printers provide various functions to the users. Today you don’t need a scanner, fax machine etc as you can perform all these functions of a multi-functional HP printer. Using a single device for various tasks is not only convenient but also good for your budget. But some people reported that they are getting errors while sending and receiving faxes. While sending the fax, error code 346 is appearing on the screen. This error can appear due to numerous reasons. Whenever you get this error message; you should ask the HP technical team for help. But there are few methods which may help to fix your error.

Common reasons for HP fax error code 346:

  1. The most common issue is the receiver’s side. If your fax machine is unable to communicate with the receiver’s side then the error appears on your screen.
  2. You can also get this error when you accidentally press the power button before your fax process completes.
  3. Busy phone line and weak bandwidth can also get your into various fax issues
  4. Your connection gets interrupted
  5. Power outage

There can be numerous issues behind fax issues. You can try the basic methods for troubleshooting your HP fax errors.

Common methods for troubleshooting HP fax error 346: 

Wait for sometime

If you are receiving the error due to a busy line then wait for some time until the phone line gets improved. If you are still facing errors while sending the fax then you should contact the telephone provider. Contact the telephone provider team and ask them to check your connection.

Try disabling ECM

 Disabling Error Correction Mode may help in improving the connection. This step also helps in improving the quality of your fax on the receiver’s side.

Switch to lower transmission speed

HP fax error can also appear when you are trying to send the fax in high transmission speed. To fix the error, you should try to send the documents at the lower speed. You have to switch the transmission speed to high to low on your HP printer. Here are the steps for changing the transmission speed.

  1. Go to the printer home screen
  2. Click on the right arrow
  3. Choose the setup menu
  4. Click on the Fax submenu
  5. Now scroll down the list and click on Fax speed
  6. Set the speed to low (like 9600)

Now try to resend the document. If you are still getting an HP Printer Offline message while sending the fax then seek other solutions. 

Try sending small documents

Fax issues can appear when you are trying to send a large document. Divide the document into small parts and then try to send it. 

Check the phone line

If the error is appearing to the weak phone line then try to move your printer. Place your HP printer device to another location where you can find the good network. Not try to send your fax.

Check the router

For wireless printers, you must check the WPS pin. The WPS Pin HP Printer should be enabled. Inspect your router and check whether the pin is enabled or not. If not then press the WPS button immediately. Restart your HP printer and then try to send the fax.

Update the printer software

If the printer software (printer driver) gets outdated then also fax issues can appear. You should always update the software to its latest various for preventing all kinds of issues. This software is like a connection bridge between your computer and your HP printer. Go to the HP website and search for the latest update for your printer model. Install it on your PC and then restart your device. Now again try to send the fax. If your printer is still showing the HP fax error code 346 then you should ask the HP printer technical team for troubleshooting your issues.

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