Increase Brand Awareness and User Engagement by Excellent Mobile App Marketing

Increase Brand Awareness and User Engagement by Excellent Mobile App Marketing

The app developers find their audience by app user acquisition marketing. The right kind of app marketing campaign helps the app in building the audience. Most of the app user acquisition campaigns focus on digital space and it’s very common for apps to advertise in public spaces. The ASO optimization is a type of mobile app marketing and the app store optimization (ASO) helps to make the app more visible in Apple’s app store. To help the right users for finding the app in a crowded market, app store optimization helps a lot, by optimizing the indexed copy like keywords and title.

The ASO optimization provides app store descriptions which in turn provide audiences with the highlights of features and functionality of apps.  It plays a significant role in Keyword optimization. The most important factor of App store marketing is the designing of marketing assets which speaks the language of brand and highlights the values of app. One must first draw the right hypothesis why visitors will choose to install the app. The outcomes of well planned test give significant results, helps in identifying the winner which must be implemented in the live store. It is also important to design future winners by understanding how to design additional app store pages and finding the assets that drive visitors to drop and find the weak spots also.

For excellent App store marketing it is important to focus on the app’s values, special features, social proof or competitive advantages etc. Best marketing messages must be conveyed to customers using the assets available on app stores such as screenshots, captions etc. It is better to choose only one element like icons, screenshots or video etc. The more experience gained from app store testing gives the better understanding of the budget.

The mobile App marketing Services can be judged on the basis of following parameters:

  • Retention Rate: The number of users who return to app after the first visit.
  • Session Length : How much time is spent by the users on the app
  • Daily or Monthly Active Users: The most important users are the ones who are actively using the app.
  • Time spent on App: To check what amount of time is spent by the users on the app daily/weekly or monthly.
  • Acquisitions: To see the number of users who download the app through any particular source like Instagram ads.
  • Lifetime Value: Find out what value do users represent throughout their time as users.
  • Screen Flow: The screen flow depicts the path that users take through the app.

The well planned excellent mobile App marketing services strategy increases the number of users. The in-app messages active in the mobile apps show off product updates, gives a personalized suggestion or recommendation. It ultimately increases the retention rate and mobile user engagement. The mobile audiences have different sets of needs and desires. Due to additional features in mobile app marketing, the conversion rates are increased and both quality of installs.

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