Information on Hosting Companies and Unmetered Bandwidth

Information on Hosting Companies and Unmetered Bandwidth

Dedicated servers that are unmetered, offers the client a server that has no set limit on the use of bandwidth monthly. Bandwidth is the amount of data that is transferred to and from your website. These dedicated servers are connected to the internet at a set speed for the port and you will have complete access to use as little or as much bandwidth on that port as possible. This is unlike more typical servers that might have a 1Gbps port allowing only about 10TB bandwidth; servers that are unmetered are allowing you to use as much bandwidth as needed for an improved experience with dedicated hosting.

All the resources and facilities that you get will be used solely by you. This means that all the information that gets assessed, shared or even saved in the server will be done by you alone. The resources that have not been shared will receive minimal downtimes and more uptimes. This means your business will not be at a loss. Your site will be enjoyed and accessed smoothly without any disturbance.


There are many reasons that dedicated server hosting unmetered might need to be considered. One is that you will be avoiding overage fees that are common when bandwidth is metered. With an unmetered server, this is something that a business will not have to worry about. Another common reason is that some businesses have no idea how much bandwidth they will need or be using. A host that is unmetered allows the website to have all the bandwidth needed and that is important for those websites that:

  • Stream videos
  • Stream games
  • Hosting other websites or webpages


Of course, the next question asked, is this true? When you sign up for an unmetered plan are you really going to be able to use all the free bandwidth that you want? And there is a yes and no answer to that question. Even if the hosting company states clearly that they do have data transfer that is unmetered, there sometimes a catch. So, it is important to read the small or fine print regarding any abuse of this resource. Anything above a normal amount can often be considered by the hosting company as “resource abuse” and they will shut you down.

Another barrier

Another barrier – and a large one – to how much bandwidth you can use is the speed of the port connecting to the internet. Port speed controls the amount of data transferred each second. Port speed can become a control point of how much data can be transferred to and from the internet. So, any hosting service might have your internet port speed at 10Mbps on your contract and you will only use 3200GB of your unlimited bandwidth each month.

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