Is There A Way To Block Calls Using VoIP

VoIP is, without a doubt, the voice communication technology of the future at this time. The PSTN won’t be around for very much longer, despite the fact that some people and businesses still use it. Numerous governments have already discussed discontinuing PSTN support during the coming ten years. Why, then, do a few businesses continue to oppose VoIP phone services?

As a digital technology, VoIP has many more functions than analogue landlines that are suitable for the modern business environment. Additionally, it significantly lowers the price of business phone systems.

However, VoIP does not come without some disadvantages. For starters, it requires electricity and the internet to run. Hence, you must have a backup in place.

There will, unfortunately, always be unwanted calls. And the easiest method to avoid them is to block them because they can interfere with your workflow and reduce productivity. This is relevant to “normal” obnoxious calls. You should notify the appropriate authorities if you receive calls that are threatening or harassing in nature.

If you are using VoIP, you can easily block unwanted calls. However, many of you may not know how to use this feature so let’s dig in to know every bit of it.

Reasons To Block VoIP Calls?

VoIP calls can be blocked for a variety of reasons. Knowing the proper justifications for call blocking will help you make the right decisions, whether you should or should not block a particular caller. These calls are frequently referred to as nuisance calls. Unwanted and uninvited calls are other names for nuisance calls.

However, this is a broad category that includes several call types. Starting with illegal calls, for example. These calls, which unauthorised call centres make, can significantly reduce your productivity and may lead to someone falling for a scam. You risk having malware attack your machines and leak confidential company information.

Telemarketing calls take longer but are less hazardous. Your business will run more efficiently if you can block these VoIP calls. The same applies to pushy and obnoxious spam callers.

How To Block Calls On VoIP?

You have total control over the incoming VoIP calls when using VoIP. We can not give you step-by-step instructions on how to block a number on VoIP because every VoIP provider has different services. The next best action we can take for you is to give you general information on call blocking while using VoIP.

When you use VoIP, all your contacts are saved in a cloud-based address book. You can access these numbers whenever you want and make calls anytime. You can block all unknown numbers that are not saved in your VoIP address book.

The procedure is the same whether you wish to stop scam calls or anonymous calls. Numerous call-blocking services are available. You can use these services to block unwanted calls automatically. The automated script goes through the list of all known phone numbers that are used for telemarketers and frauds, as well as unwanted calls.

On VoIP, you can manually block nuisance calls as well. Although the procedure varies from provider to provider, it generally uses the same approach. You must add the phone number from the “Received Calls” list that you want to block to your phone’s contact list.

When you’ve finished, go to your phone’s directory and remove the “First Name” and “Last Name” entries to leave only the phone number. Locate the reject option and make sure the contact has it enabled. When you save your phone’s directory, the next time that number calls, your phone won’t ring.

Reasons To Block VoIP Calls

Blocking VoIP calls is one of the most beneficial features of VoIP. A lot of information regarding call management and effective call routing is available online. However, there isn’t much information available on how to stop VoIP spam.

Let’s see why you need to block a VoIP call.

Reduced Interruptions

The main goal of blocking VoIP calls, especially annoying ones, is to stop interruptions. Spammers shouldn’t flood the phone lines if you have a sales or support team! You want to be accessible to your clients. However, if a sizable percentage of your calls are spam, you’re wasting everyone’s time.

The work of your staff is impossible. Customers cannot contact you for support or sales questions. To complete transactions, your partners cannot get in touch with your company. Overall, it is a task that is counterproductive for everyone concerned.

Improved Productivity

Unwanted call interruptions cost more than just lost time. Imagine that one of your staff members was engaged in a crucial job or meeting. A few seconds or a minute are all it takes to hang up on an obnoxious caller. However, the disruption can cause them to lose their focus or attention. Imagine that this occurs numerous times each day, every day. These delays can cost you in terms of diminished production over time. The loss increases with the size of your business.


VoIP makes your workday management easier, especially if you work in a customer service department. You may receive several spam calls every day that cause interruptions in your work and reduce productivity. VoIP allows call blocking, and you can do it easily from your device settings. The method of blocking a VoIP call varies, so you can connect with your provider to get it sorted. 

Call blocking helps you stop annoying calls, save time, minimise fraud and focus on important business tasks.

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