Landing page optimization for Google Ads | Tips 2020

Landing page optimization for Google Ads | Tips 2020

Often, unattractive content and poor configuration are charged for the ineffectiveness of the ad in Google Ads. Yes, it also happens, but we forget about one important issue. By releasing an advertisement into the world, we direct the potential recipient to another website. And Google will not miss it so easily, it cares about the welfare of its users and scrupulously checks all pages. So how do you optimize your site so that it gets top of the paid results?

Table of Contents

  • Quality Scores – says your ads
  • Where is money?
  • Landing page quality – Google’s Holy Grail
  • The effects of low quality
  • How can you improve your landing page quality rating?
  • Improve page speed
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Transparency and trust – site’s impeccability
  • Don’t underestimate mobile users
  • Value for the user
  • What is invisible to the naked eye?
  • Maximize conversions – Google is not an enemy
  • How do you check the landing page quality?

Quality Scores – says your ads

If you think you will propose a high bid and your ads will be on a pedestal, then you are wrong. Yes, money, as in the case of paid options increase your chances, but in this case “do not give happiness”. If you work with Google Ads, you may have heard about the concept of Quality Score. This is nothing but an indicator that determines your comprehensive attractiveness. The Quality Score is measured on a scale of 1 to 10, and the higher you get a note, the closer you are to succeed. So what influences this assessment?

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  • Expected click-through rate (CTR) – This is the likelihood that when you see your ad in response to a given keyword query, it will be clicked by the user.
  • Ad relevance – that is, to what extent your ads meet users’ expectations and respond to the issues they provide.
  • Landing Page Quality Rating – Bingo! This point should interest you now. Google evaluates your ads by assessing the transparency and customization of your website. But we will tell you exactly in a moment.

Where is money?

These three components have a huge impact on your Quality Score, but you are probably wondering where your money is? Don’t worry, they count too. Your ads take part in the Google auction and to win it you must consider:

  • Quality score,
  • Maximum cost-per-click (CPC).

It is only now that we can calculate your Ad Score that determines the position of your ads by multiplying these two components. Not everyone has to be a mathematical eagle, but from simple calculations and thoughts, it can be concluded that taking care of the Quality Score is a good chance to break the competition in the ranking, incurring lower costs.

Landing page quality – Google’s Holy Grail

You already know how the Google Ads selection and display mechanism works. You have probably started to realize the seriousness of the situation and perhaps ideas are already appearing in your head, what you should change on the site to make it friendlier. Pause for a moment, and we’ll definitely tell you something.

Before we get to that, let’s try to understand Google a little. As one of the most popular internet search engines in the world, it cares very much for its users. He wants to answer his questions as accurately as possible, give him a ready answer on a tray, without traversing a colossal amount of completely unconnected content. The layout is simple – there is a question and there is an answer. The more that by showing the user a given link, it releases it a bit into the world, on completely different sites. That’s why Google puts so much emphasis on user relevance and convenience, even if you pay. He is very sensitive on this point and you can achieve a much better result by refining your landing page than by increasing your bids.

The effects of low quality

If you skip this topic and decide that it doesn’t matter, you may encounter an unpleasant surprise. Poor quality sites may cause your Google Ads to stop showing completely. So let’s take the time to customize the page for users – it will definitely bring much more benefits, also beyond a good Quality Score.

How can you improve your landing page quality rating?

We’ve reached the moment we are all waiting for, i.e. what to improve on the landing page to get a higher Quality Score, and thus jump to the top of paid results.

1. Improve page speed

Users don’t like to wait and expect your page to load in a flash after clicking the link. Of course, Google wants the same for them, so if your page loads too long, then your ad bounce rate can be high and conversions can be significantly reduced. If something loads too long, the user gets discouraged and closes the window, and Google wants to avoid it. And remember that this also applies to your mobile pages.

TIP. If you want to check the speed your current site has, there are a number of online tools that allow you to do this. One of them is Page Speed ​​Insights.

2. Intuitive navigation

Consider your site’s layout. Are you sure you think it’s comfortable? Try to put yourself in the customer’s place and think if you can easily find products. Take care not only of the category arrangement but also of filters, the most important elements of the website, offers. Also, try to adjust the process of potential conversions to the convenience of the customer. Make shopping or contacting your business as easy as possible. Also, give up the biggest nightmare of website users – pop-ups.

3. Transparency and trust – site’s impeccability

Website readability and reliability are your must-see when it comes to displaying ads in top paid results. Place information about your company on your website, mark its activity and put your contact details in a visible place. If you have ads on your site, please mark them exactly. If these conditions are met, Google will not cause you problems.

What about trust? Is it even possible to provide from the page level? Of course! Google’s algorithms have already checked whether you have the regulations, privacy policy or payment terms in visible places of the website. Check to make sure that your site is not trying to hide anything. The lack of these things in view is a yellow light from Google and a lower Quality Score of ads.

4. Don’t underestimate mobile users

Mobile is a direction that thrives not only in the e-commerce industry but also in other markets, including advertising. Everyone is increasingly reaching for telephones, and more than half of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices. If you target mobile ads, you can be sure that Google will also check the mobile version of your website. If you realize that it is uncomfortable, tiring for users, then you should improve it before you decide on advertising in Google Ads. Otherwise, your ads will not be displayed anyway and your work will be wasted. Adjust it to make it pleasant to use.

REMEMBER. The tasks that the user must perform before purchasing a product or service must be EASY, SIMPLE AND PLEASANT.

5. Value for the user

The search engine user enters a specific query. If your ad will redirect it to pages completely unrelated to the ad text, do not count on it getting you dry. Google will definitely not display your ad. The landing page must be a concrete answer to the users’ questions. To increase your chances, place keywords in the page title, headers, and content. The site must be useful to the user. If you are looking for a denim jacket, then direct him to the site directly with the offer of jackets made of jeans, instead of directing him to the entire offer of outerwear available on your website.

TIP. Do not bore users with banal text on the page. Bet on masterful copywriting and make him feel the originality of your store.

6. What is invisible to the naked eye?

Look critically at your site from behind the scenes. The site should be stored on proven servers and the code should comply with standards. If something happens and your site is down for some time, your Quality Score may drop significantly. You probably don’t want to direct users to dead pages. Believe Google neither.

7. Maximize conversions – Google is not an enemy

All these treatments are important for Google – let’s not hide, if we don’t like the algorithm, we won’t have a chance to gain customers from advertising, but…? Google wants well for users and so do we. Let us not treat him as a guard who defends our clients against us with all his might and considers us the greatest evil in the world. On the contrary. We all have the same goal and we should strive for success together. And because Google knows better and sets the rules … Let’s not fight it, just use the knowledge, and users will then appreciate our efforts in the form of conversion.

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How do you check the landing page quality?

Do you want to know how your site is currently looking for Google Ads? All you need is just a few simple steps to find out how we are assessed.

  1. In the Google Ads panel choose the “keywords” tab,
  2. An additional panel appears above the word list. We choose the “columns” option,
  3. We develop “Quality Score”,
  4. We select “Landing page quality” and confirm.

Now, next to keywords, we have an additional column that informs us about the quality of the landing page in terms of given keywords. The ratings that our Google Ads site means are:

  • Above-average – it’s really good. Our site meets the criteria and is matched to the keywords.
  • On average – in this case, we can also be satisfied. It may not be WOW, but our site is correctly adapted to queries with given keywords.
  • Below average – unfortunately, you need to think about the changes, because page-targeted ads that respond to the keywords may not be displayed at all.

As you can see, this article was more about page optimization, not just about the ads or their content, and you could probably write even more. This only shows that the landing page is very important when creating Google Ads. The upside is that website optimization will bring positive effects not only for ads but also for your entire business. It’s worth doing a website really well, not just because of Google Ads.

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