Learn the Simple Process of Testing New WP Themes and Plugins!

Learn the Simple Process of Testing New WP Themes and Plugins!

Many users prefer testing of new themes and plugins to identify its compatibility with the WordPress site and bring changes in their existing sites. If you think about deleting your site and reinstalling the same to set its default value, this will consume a lot of time. Irrespective of this process, you have to apply simple as well as a quick step to clear the customized values. Here, you can use WP reset plugin and make it fast.

It is noticed that developers employ new tactics in the due course of time and make some necessary changes to the sites. If you think about removing the items bit by bit, you have to invest surplus time. To save your valuable time and effort, you have to click on the WP reset button and test your site for a better performance.

Remember that visitors might not use your site appropriately during this period of time. So, it is better to make them aware of your activities by using coming soon plugin. It lets you work freely by informing all visitors about your work and comes handy when you don’t want to lose the target audience.

Before learning the process of resetting the site, let discuss the features of WP reset plugin-

Features of WordPress Reset Plugin

  • Since it is a one-click reset process, it is much faster than any other ways
  • It is compatible with WP-CLI command and works the best for advanced users
  • It won’t delete or change or modify any file, plugin or theme
  • It won’t make changes to media files
  • It leaves site title and site address untouched

More importantly, you can customize the process of resetting such that you can choose the items that you want to reset to its default value. Like, you have the option to choose individual tables that include users, terms, links, posts, and comments. With this flexibility, it becomes very helpful for developers. In case you want to reset everything, you have to choose ‘Select All,’ and this will bring all tables to its default value. If you are looking for a repository of WP plugins, you get the information on TidyRepo.

Resetting the WordPress Site

Now, it comes to the process of WP reset. At first, you must log in to the site and go to Tools and then Database Reset. Here you have to customize the selection and proceed. It will hardly take a few seconds to minutes for completing the process. Once done, you will bring back to WordPress dashboard with its default value as when it is in the original state.


You might think about the reliability of the reset plugins. Nothing to worry about because there are over 50,000 developers used it for testing and maintenance work. In case you need WordPress security, there are specific plugins for the same.

If you have a concern about the automatic resetting of WP sites, you must know that it requires multiple confirmations for resetting process. So, there is no reason to avoid using reset plugins!

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