MilesWeb Review: Offering Managed VPS Hosting at Affordable Rate

MilesWeb Review: Offering Managed VPS Hosting at Affordable Rate

MilesWeb is one of the few web hosting companies that offer managed and self-managed VPS hosting plans for Linux and Windows-based apps.

Web hosting plans are available in shared, reseller, managed and Unmanaged VPS, WordPress, cloud, and dedicated hosting types. They provide over 70 different hosting plans from which you may choose the best one for your company.

MilesWeb’s Background

MilesWeb is a web hosting business located in India. Since its inception in 2012, the firm has provided the most dependable web hosting plans and services. More than 30,000 consumers throughout the world have put their faith in MilesWeb. 

In addition to web hosting options, the firm offers domain registration, free SSL certificates, and free website migration, among other services. For all types of websites, MilesWeb provides the best customer service and maximum uptime.

Before talking about MilesWeb’s plans, it is essential to know why one needs to host a site using cheap VPS hosting plans. Also, it is necessary to understand why switching from shared hosting plans to VPS is essential for your growing business websites.

VPS Hosting Glimpses

VPS hosting, called virtual private server hosting, is a hosting type that works on virtualization. It is one of the best hosting types that allows you to have a dedicated IP. In VPS, physical server space is partitioned into numerous virtual blocks. Each client gets a dedicated IP address. VPS works on a hypervisor, often known as a virtual machine monitor or VMM, which is a piece of software that lets you construct and run virtual machines (VMs). A hypervisor allows a single host computer to handle numerous virtual machines (VMs) by virtualizing resources like memory and computation.

If you’re unsure if VPS hosting is best for your website, this article will explain what it is and the benefits of using MilesWeb’s VPS services.

As discussed, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is essentially a virtualized server that imitates a specific server. It consists of a single physical server partitioned into several virtual servers, each having its operating system, storage space, system resources, bandwidth, etc.

VPS hosting functions as a dedicated server. The main distinction between them is that they share a server behind the scenes and have divided resources. A VPS hosting package, in essence, conveys the appearance that you owe the server.

VPS over Shared Hosting


While you are using shared hosting plans, you may run out of resources in peak time. Shared hosting does not allow resource scalability. It is always better to go with VPS hosting plans for your outgrown websites. Most of the VPS hosting service providers provide cloud VPS hosting, enabling you to expand or shrink resources according to the need of the website.

Dedicated IP

One of the best parts of using VPS hosting is it provides you a dedicated IP. Every VPS package includes a dedicated IP address. You have the option of selecting your preferred operating system. In addition, the dedicated IP improves website security. Shared hosting does not provide a dedicated IP or choice of the operating system.


As discussed, VPS allows you to have a dedicated IP which enables high website security. Unlike in shared hosting, if one site is at risk, the other sites on the same server also get at risk.

Cost-effective solution

As your business grows, your website’s traffic may rise, necessitating improvements. If your website has grown, upgrading your current shared hosting package is not a good idea. However, you don’t want to overpay for a dedicated server on which to host your website. A low-cost VPS hosting service is excellent for websites that are just getting started.

VPS Hosting Plans by MilesWeb:

Managed Linux VPS Hosting Plans by MilesWeb

V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, and V6 are the managed Linux VPS hosting plans offered by MilesWeb.

The resources in all the plans include vCPU, RAM, SSD Disk, bandwidth, Free SSL Certificate, Dedicated IP. 

The Resources Range as Follows:

vCPU 2-12


SSD Disk 50GB-300GB

Bandwidth 500GB-2000GB

Dedicated IP 

Managed Windows VPS Hosting Plans by MilesWeb

W1, W2, W3, W4, W5, and W6 are the fully managed VPS plans offered by MilesWeb for Windows OS.

The resources in all the plans include vCPU, RAM, SSD Disk, bandwidth, Free SSL Certificate, Dedicated IP. 

The Resources Range as Follows:

vCPU 2-12


SSD Disk 50GB-300GB

Bandwidth 500GB-2000GB

Dedicated IP

Features Provided by MilesWeb’s Efficient VPS Servers:

Solid-State Drives (SSDs): These are a type of hard drive that improves performance and dependability. MilesWeb’s VPS servers include built-in SSDs. SSD drives are incredibly quick and robust. It makes use of flash technologies to help your website load faster.

Free VPS Management

MilesWeb not only sets up your server and optimizes and manages the entire VPS server for you at no extra cost.

SSH and Root Access

You’ll have total control over your Virtual Private Server. MilesWeb’s VPS hosting options provide full root SSH access.

Resource Monitoring Dashboard

You can reboot your VPS, monitor memory consumption, check server load, and change other parameters of your VPS server using MilesWeb’s easy and user-friendly dashboard.

Host Unlimited Sites

All of your websites are hosted on the same VPS account with MilesWeb. That means you may use your single virtual private server to host and manage many websites.

Instant Provisioning

After your order is finished and payment is validated, MilesWeb’s inexpensive VPS hosting plans are immediately installed.

No Setup Fee

There are no additional setup costs because all Linux Hosting VPS servers are automatically installed. You just need to pay the website’s fee for the finest VPS hosting package.

Robust Infrastructure

MilesWeb’s VPS hosting architecture is developed with industry leaders such as Cisco, Supermicro, Dell, and HP. For the highest uptime and stability, you can count on our cutting-edge servers.

Discussing the most important part about MilesWeb’s hosting is the cost of VPS hosting plans.

The base plan of Linux VPS, V1, charges you Rs. 630/mo., and the premium plan V6 costs you Rs. 6,020/mo.

The base plan of Windows VPS, W1, charges you Rs. 1,260/mo., and the premium plan W6 costs you Rs. 12,040/mo.

Comparing the cost of MilesWeb’s hosting plans with other hosting providers in the market, MilesWeb certainly provides the best hosting plans at the most affordable price. 

Some of MilesWeb’s customer reviews:

To conclude:

MilesWeb is a company that offers the most cost-effective VPS hosting options for all types of websites. I would always suggest MilesWeb since all of their hosting options come with fast and timely assistance.

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