Should You Upgrade Your Car Battery?

Should You Upgrade Your Car Battery?

It is a good question, and one that is sometimes very easy to answer. We have all been there. You hop into the driver’s seat, pop the key in the ignition, give it a turn and… nothing. 

In this familiar situation, you very definitely should replace the car battery. However, sometimes doing so can be a good idea even if your current battery is still working. Moreover, depending on how old the battery actually is, replacement usually means an upgrade to a better battery. 

It isn’t just that you want a better, more efficient battery though or that your previous one has died and you need a new one. Sometimes, replacing or upgrading the battery can be a sensible move to head trouble off at the pass – to ensure that your car doesn’t break down in a tricky situation. It is always worthwhile to upgrade the battery when you start seeing the warning signs of coming battery failure.

That pretty much wraps up the long answer to this article’s title. It depends on your situation, but there is often a very good reason to trade in your old battery and get a new one. 

The Second Rise of Batteries 

Certainly, a good reason to upgrade the car battery is that better batteries come along all the time. It is worth considering just how prevalent scientific interest in this area is. Battery power is being used for applications that it never was in the past. For example, large batteries powering energy grids when the main supply goes down. Nevertheless, it is also used in many of the same contexts as before, but only better. 

A good example is 9V USB C rechargeable smart batteries (but which can actually come in all the familiar form factors). Pale Blue Earth, a company producing such batteries, say that while these household batteries have been around for decades, they are now rechargeable and fitted with smart battery management systems. This helps optimize the release of power and ensures maximum efficiency. The car battery is something of a similar case. 

There are indeed smart car batteries that use power more efficiently. Smart battery management systems are probably – along with the li-ion cell – one of the biggest breakthroughs in battery technology. If your car battery isn’t already smart, this could be the very definition of an excellent upgrade. 

When Do You Need a New Battery?

New battery technology certainly makes for an attractive prospect for drivers, but sometimes indications of battery failure are the real reason you are on the hunt for an upgrade. Indeed, this is the way to avoid being caught out. 

Here are some warning signs to look out for. If you notice any of these, it might be wise to make getting a new battery a top priority. 

The Engine Turns Over Slowly 

Many of us settle for less, but a car should start almost immediately fallowing ignition. If the engine clicks and turns over for anything longer than one or two seconds, then the battery is likely dying. 

Dim Headlights 

Naturally, your car battery powers the headlights. Keeping an eye on how bright they are is a great way to see quite clearly when the battery starts to die. 

You Notice Corrosion 

It is always worth physically inspecting the battery every now and again. Battery acid can leak out of the battery and cover the terminals, reducing the contact. Look out for that green/blue powder residue at the terminals. 

This, at any rate, is how you know you need a new car battery. Picking the right one though is how you make a real upgrade to your car.

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