What are the paid and free tools used by Facebook marketing?

What are the paid and free tools used by Facebook marketing?

Are you seeking the ways that enhance your Facebook marketing or do you want to capture the attention of more customers? So, the solution is that the best Facebook tools will be easier by saving your time and analysed the efforts of Facebook marketing.

It is a large social media platform and is endlessly growing in popularity. Brands and marketers justly see the potential on Facebook and it’s long been their most popular platform. Click here to know more detail about Facebook accounts.

We all want to grip more juice out of our Facebook marketing campaigns but there are lots of problems. Some of us trying to identify the changes we need to get more visibility for our Facebook posts.

So, we have some super-effective tools that will make it easy to advertise on Facebook. There are some free tools and some paid, so, first of all, we will discuss some important free tools then paid tools.

Free Facebook Marketing Tools.

  1. Facebook Insights,

The first place to start is Facebook itself and it is Facebook audience insight, Facebook Audience Insights provides you collective data regarding two groups of people, people connected to your Page and other people on Facebook. This tool is available for any admin who has more than 30 fans. It provides the details of your posts and the engagement they earn. It can help you to analyse the audience’s location breakdown and demographic.

  1. Headline Analyzer

This tool considered the second most visible feature in the news feed of Facebook and influence where users click through on Facebook. Marketers know that posts’ headlines can break or make their performance. When you have brainstormed a potential headline, put it into this tool. It will give you an overall score for your headline like character count, structure, sentiment, and previews.

  1. Facebook Power Editor

This tool is designed especially for sophisticated advertisers who are managing lots of ads and campaigns. With this tool, you can quickly build and duplicate campaigns, ad sets and ads within the same window.

  1. Canva

Canva used to create, edit images and graphics. Hundreds of templates are used to create designs with millions of vectors, stock photos, and illustrations. It also offers pre-sized templates for the covers of the Facebook page, posts and app covers.

  1. DrumUp

We all recognize it’s vital to post a gradual stream of fascinating, relevant content to your Facebook wall. However, it will be a large pain to get out and seek out share-worthy stuff.

To get started, all you have got to try to do is give a list of relevant keywords. The service scours the web for stories related to these keywords and provides them during a content feed.

  1. Likealyzer

It is a simple and free tool which used to enter any Facebook page without authorization to calculate and observe its performance.  It provides the page a grade out of 100 and compares this with different pages within the industry. This implies you’ll have a sneaky peek at your competitors’ pages too.

The report includes numerous sections that every go along with a metric and suggestions for improvement.

  1. Buffer

The buffer used for schedule and publish updates for later. It shares your posts at the best possible times throughout the day. It contains a browser extension that seamlessly integrates with Chrome, WordPress, and different tools to search out content for distribution.

Paid Facebook Marketing Tools

  1. Sotrender

It is an analytical platform that analyses the efficiency of the social media network. It gets insights regarding your audience, their demographics, and activities. Tracks your reach, engagement, and content. Produces reports and provides you recommendations based on the information.

  1. Social Bakers

It is a social media analytics company that offers tools of dash boarding for businesses to track trends, engagement and other statistics of interest and also looks at competitors’ activities. It means, it tracks social media reports of you and also your competitors.

  1. Union Metrics

Union Metrics is a social intelligence tool suite that has acquired Tweet Reach, which provides a free snap of your Twitter analytics. Type in any keyword, hashtag, or username, and you get helpful charts and graphs for reach, exposure, activity, and contributors. It’s quite valuable for checking in on mentions, following branded hashtags, and analysing industry keywords.

  1. Quantity

It is an analytics tool that monitors your commitment to all the most important social networks. You will combine and match dozens of customizable metrics and automatize the preparation of flexible, shareable dashboards. By adding multiple pages belonging to you or your competitors, you will compare them against pre-set benchmarks or one another.

  1. Talkwalker

Talkwalker provides you unlimited free searches for hashtags and keywords across major social media platforms, news, blogs, and forums. It provides a large number of information such as mentions, sentiment, distribution of conversations, top posts, and more. Overall, Talk walker could be a powerful complete observation platform that helps you live sentiment and compare your performance to competitors’ across channels.


Each of the preceding tools goes with totally different use cases. Valuable insights on your Facebook performance can be a game-changer for your social media strategy. You would like to require a calculating call on what you would like to observe and wherever you would like to facilitate with and in fact what fits your budget besides. The choice is ultimately yours. All the discussed tools can help you to get your targets. Now you need to select the best one which fulfils your needs after the test.

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