What the CEH training is all about?

The conducted audits usually include compliance with regulations, checking the degree of protection of the organization against vulnerabilities and the way in which risk is managed in the enterprise. The principles of user administration, frequency of software patches, scope of employee training, network security architecture and many other factors are also subject to verification. All these aspects play an important role and contribute to the protection of the organization using digital technology.

EC-Council accredited CEH training in Dubai allows you to learn about the full subject of the CEHv10 – Certified Ethical Hacker exam. Training extended with a significant number of practical elements.

The training is currently conducted in a remote version, according to the same program as stationary training, participants perform the same exercises and the instructor is at the participants’ disposal throughout the training.

For training in the remote version, a laptop with any operating system is required (configuration details are provided after confirmation of the application), stable internet and headphones with a microphone.

Who is the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)?

This is a qualified person who uses hacking tools and skills legally and on behalf of companies. Its main task is to check and assess the risk to which the security system in a given organization is exposed. Thanks to the knowledge of illegal activities of criminals from the CEH network, he knows exactly how to search for vulnerabilities and weak points.

The Certified Ethical Hacker training is based on a proven penetration testing methodology used by an international group of experts on system vulnerability. CEH training provides information on the latest vulnerabilities and defenses. This course also develops the business skills that are necessary to determine the applicable protection capabilities, justify the need to test and optimize security systems from the point of view of the organization’s business processes and reduce the risks arising from them.

What Students will learn from CEH training and course?

Graduates of the Certified Ethical Hacker training or CEH course in Abu Dhabi gain real-world security knowledge and skills that will allow them to recognize vulnerabilities, discover system weaknesses, and help protect resources from threats. Training participants will learn the art of ethical hacking in the professional framework of conducting penetration testing.

Students learn about the methods of hackers, the tools they use when attempting attacks. They will find out which attack vectors they use most often, which resources they will most likely want to access.
The participants will learn what the risk vulnerability assessment is and the important role it plays in the process of securing the company’s resources. The laboratories are carried out with the use of tools used in conducting real attacks on computer networks. Participants of the CEH course will be able to take the CEH certification exam.  The training is constantly updated to keep it in line with the ever-changing situation in the world of IT security. The course is based on the materials and laboratory environment, constantly updated in the light of new developments, which have been developed by an international group of experts. Students will have sufficient knowledge to be able to independently create a Vulnerability Assessment, based on which they can then conduct a penetration test. A person after completing the CEH course will be able to accurately report security vulnerabilities that they have discovered.

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